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Konkurs na Film Amatorski



Fly Film Festival, to impreza stworzona dla fanów lotnictwa, w tym oczywiście także dla Was. Wszystkich, którzy pasjonują się nie tylko oglądaniem latających cudów techniki, ale także ich filmowaniem, zapraszamy do aktywnego udziału w Festiwalu. Specjalnie z myślą o Was stworzyliśmy oddzielną kategorię konkursową: Film Amatorski.

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On 26 and 28 October in Warsaw will be the 8 th edition of International Fly Film Festival. This is a pioneering event on the Poland and Europe festival map - it will be the only film festival of this magnitude, focused on everything related to aircraft. The event aims to stimulate interest in aviation issues, both manufacturers and viewers. Through screenings of selected images from around the world, the audience will have chance to see the unique and spectacular aerial photographs and learn the history of aviation from many different perspectives.

This year, we continue to build international profile of the event. We have invited film producers from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Brazil and the USA to participate in the festival.

During the 8th edition of the International Fly Film Festival, the Jury will grant prizes in three categories: Feature Films, The Documentary Films or Reportage and Non-professional Films. The Jury Chairman is Agnieszka Kamińska.

Festival scheduled for 3 days, will end on Saturday October 28, the fragments of Grand Gala will be televised live on Channel 1 of Polish Public Television. The Festival will be held under the patronage Channel 1 and under the auspices of the merits of TVP History.
Among the guests will be most prominent polish specialists in the history of polish aviation, female co-pilots and other famous characters from the world of aviation. We are planning the screenings of aviation animations and promotional shorts produced by the Polish Air Force. In the festival program will also include two exhibitions related to aviation, and competitions for the public.

The VIII International Fly Film Festival is likely to become a significant event because of its innovation and great media coverage, intended audience of about 4 thousand, and can help build the image of Poland as a country with a rich customized offer a for all cinematography lovers.


VIII International Fly Film Festival
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Adam Kruk